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Ash Green Scouts

Who are we?


Peter Lewis (GSL)

Group Scout Leader

Born in 1951, Peter has been involved with Scouting both as a child and an adult for many years. He brings a wealth of Scouting experience to the Group, having started as a Cub Scout at 72 nd Epping Forest South. As a Scout, he was the ‘founder member’ of the 6th Chingford Scout Group and then went on to become an adult leader. He was Asst Cub Leader, and then Scout Leader at 2nd Chadwell Heath Scout Group before becoming the Group Scout Leader, and then Chairman at the same Group.

Peter joined Ash Green Scout Group in 2012, taking on the role of Asst Group Scout Leader. In October 2015, he was appointed as Group Scout Leader and took over responsibility for the Group from Alan Gordon so that Alan could start the Excelsior Explorer Unit. Peter, who is also a County Training Advisor and the Asst. District Commissioner for Scouts, is a firm believer that the ‘traditional’ values of Scouting – camping, cooking, practical skills, duty and respect for others etc – are still relevant today and can work hand in hand with modern Scouting activities and programmes to benefit our young people.


Bruce Clarke (AGSL, ASL)

Assistant Group Scout Leader and Assistant Scout Leader (Wilderness Troop)

Bruce joined Ash Green Scouts in the summer of 2015, as an Assistant Scout Leader with Timber Troop, after his wife, Stephanie Clarke, also joined up (you may have noticed that Steph is also an ASL with Timber Troop). Having enjoyed his time with Ash Green Scouts, Bruce also agreed to work alongside Mark (and Peter of course) as Assistant Group Scout Leader.

Bruce is a solicitor during the day, and so enjoys the change of scenery and different opportunities that Timber Troop's meetings offer. Bruce particularly enjoys the 'traditional' scouting activities (such as hiking and camping) - if there is a campfire, Bruce will probably not be too far away!

In what other spare time he has, Bruce enjoys playing cricket and plays regularly for Meopham Cricket Club; not to mention his love of motorbikes and the occasional trackday at Brands Hatch! Bruce is also a special constable and tries to pass on the skills and knowledge he has gained from this and his other roles and interests to our young people.


Mark Spurgeon (AGSL, ASL)

Assistant Group Scout Leader and Assistant Scout Leader (Wilderness Troop)

I come from a very Scouty family, my dad was a leader across several sections of Ash Green Scouts and still serves as a member of the district appointments panel, Ginny (my wife) is a cub leader and both my boys are involved in scouting. My brother is also a Scout leader over in Essex and my sister in law is a beaver leader.

Having started my scouting career when I joined Ash Green Cubs Badger Pack as it was back then many years ago, I proceeded on to scouts (turner troop) and then venture scouts, I learnt so many different skills and experienced things I would never have done otherwise during these years and I have very fond memories of these times, they helped mould me into who I am today. It was at this point other priorities took precedence and scouting was put on hold.

My return to scouting was elicited by the late Alan Gordon who at the time promised that it was only two hours a week and so my journey continued. I am now ASL in Wilderness Troop, this gives me the chance to pass on the skills and knowledge that was passed onto me when I was a scout plus some new tricks I have learnt over the years.

I have recently been appointed AGSL which is more of a managerial role but will not interfere with my duties as ASL at Wilderness. This role brings new challenges and gives me the opportunity to help the group as a whole.

I am company director of an IT consultancy based in New Ash Green when not working I have many other interests which keep my life full to bursting.


Cara Smith (BSL)

Beaver Scout Leader, Little Dambusters


Kelly Calow (ABSL)

Assistant Beaver Scout Leader, Little Dambusters

Born in 1979, Kelly was more of a book worm and not really into sports but did always enjoy climbing trees and making camps in the woods outside her house. It wasn't until her daughter was 6 and joined beavers that she became an occasional parent helper and went with her daughter to her first camp at Hope Hill. 

It was at beavers that Kelly saw how much fun the kids had, and the confidence it gave them, that she started helping out more. It wasn't long before she was asked to become an Assistant Beaver Leader with the little Dambusters. Her daughter has now moved up to Cubs and her son will join beavers next year.


Jasper Holliday (ABSL)

Assistant Beaver Scout Leader, Little Dambusters

Jasper grew up in New Ash Green, and was an active member of Ash Green Scouts in the 1980's & 90's, as a Cub, Scout and Venture. He has very fond memories of the amazing experiences that Scouting opened up for him, and an appreciation for the range of life skills he learned during that time.

Jasper is very pleased to be Assistant Beaver Scout Leader for Little Dambusters Colony, where his elder daughter Rhiannon has been thoroughly enjoying her early years of Scouting.

Jasper has spent the last 18 years in a range of roles with Barclays, where he is currently a Commercial Manager in Branch Transformation. Outside of work he is Chairman of New Ash Green and Hartley Cricket Club, for whom he plays mainly social cricket(!), he acts with both Act One in NAG and Hartley Players, and is an active member of the congregation at St Peter & St Paul, Ash.


Mike Hazlewood  (ABSL)

Assistant Beaver Scout Leader (Little Dambusters)

Mike started with Ash Green Beavers (Little Dambusters) shortly after his daughter started.


Tony Baker (ABSL)

Assistant Beaver Scout Leader (Little Dambusters and Little Foresters)


Dean Taylor (ABSL)

Assistant Beaver Scout Leader (Little Foresters)


Tracy Wood (ABSL)

Assistant Beaver Scout Leader (Little Foresters)

Tracy became involved in Scouting when her son joined Beavers. She took on the role of Assistant Beaver Scout Leader with Little Foresters Beaver Colony. Tracy comes from a Scouting family where her mother was a Group Scout Leader and also an Assistant District Commissioner for Cubs. Her father, Peter Lewis, is the Group Scout Leader of Ash Green Scout Group (and is also both the Asst. District Commissioner for Scouts and a County Management Training Adviser).


Julie Butler (CSL, ASL)

Cub Scout Leader (Forest Cub Pack) and Assistant Scout Leader (Timber Troop)

Julie joined Ash Green Scout group in July 2015, following encouragement to join from her friend Helen Richardson, SL of Wilderness and the late Alan Gordon who specifically persuaded her to help and take on a uniformed role as Assistant Scout Leader.

After a year as Assistant Scout Leader with Timber Troop she was asked by Charlotte Jarvis to help out with Forest pack taking on the role of Assistant Cub Leader in September 2016. She has recently gained her Nights Away Permit and has now agreed to take on the role of Akela (CSL) Forest Pack.

Not being from a Scouty background originally, Julie has found that it has become an integral part of her life over the last couple of years; she has made some amazing friends in her fellow leaders across all sections of Ash Green Group, especially her partner Steve Bass (ASL of Timber Troop).

Julie loves working with both Cubs and Scouts helping them to learn traditional scouting skills such as backwoods cooking, survival skills and first aid. She finds being a leader and helping young people make friends, develop their confidence and overcome their fears when trying new adventurous activities really worthwhile and is just as keen to take part in (and photograph) the activities as the young people.

Julie is a Chartered Accountant heading up the Finance team at a local Builders merchants and outside of work enjoys, camping, walking, travelling and anything involving fire!

Lindsay Gordon

Lindsay Gordon (ACSL)

Assistant Cub Scout Leader (Forest Pack and Jungle Pack)

Lindsay (Raksha) first joined Ash Green Scout Group in May 2011 as a ACSL & became CSL in September the same year and stayed on until July 2014 before moving out of the area. She returned in January 2017 and became ASCL for Forest Pack & then joined Jungle Pack as well in April 2017. Lindsay enjoys walking, being outdoors & building campfires. She loves the community feel of Ash Green Scout Group & teaching the Cubs new things.

Lindsay got her love for scouting from her dad, Alan Gordon who originally bribed her with chocolate to be an occasional helper before convincing her to take on a more regular role. They often used to discuss programmes & camps & come up with ideas together


Michael Banks (CSL)

Cub Scout Leader (Jungle Pack)

Michael Banks - Akela, formerly Shere Khan was born in 1969, Has been a Cub Scout Leader for Jungle Pack since 2014. Michael was ACSL for two years before this and achieved his Wood Badge in June 2017. He is a fully trained Archery GB level 2 Instructor and Emergency First Aider. He has also recently trained to deliver Tomahawk throwing, a popular activity for the group.

Michael has lived in New Ash Green all his life. He was one of the first attenders at the Ash Green Cubs and Scouts in the late 1970s.

After starting his working life in magazine publishing, he now works freelance, Michael is an Art Director and also Support staff at a local primary school, he is involved in lots of areas of village life. This includes being part of the Youth Centre Trust, where the Scout Group meets.

He got involved after his son joined Beavers in 2014 and hasn’t looked back. Michael finds being a leader hugely rewarding, helping children learn new skills and overcome their fears.


Clare Peto (ACSL)

Assistant Cub Scout Leader (Jungle Pack)

Clare joined Ash Green scouts in 2015 and is now an Assistant Cub Scout Leader for Jungle pack, having discovered how much fun scouting is and how much she loves a camp fire. She attended Brownies and Girl Guides as a girl and has worked in childcare all her adult life. She has a passion for Special Educational Needs and has worked at a local special needs school for the last five years. She has also taken her enthusiasm for scouting into the school and helped establish and run the scouting group across the secondary department.

Clare has such a 'can do' attitude, which she blames on her inability to say 'no' when anyone asks her for help, but all her friends just say its because she genuinely is a very positive person!

Clare's son is also a member of forest pack and loves Scouting and fires just as much as his mum!


Tanya Williams  (ACSL)

Assistant Cub Scout Leader (Jungle Pack)

Tanya started with Ash Green Cubs as an occasional helper when her children started with cubs. She then took on the role of Assistant Cub Scout Leader and then Cub Scout Leader when the previous Akela left the area.

Tanya is also a Training Advisor to help leaders gain their Wood Badge which shows the dedication to the Scout Association.

Tanya is a firm believer in working with young people and how a uniformed group can help them develop confidence, make friends and to participate with various activities, including adventurous and traditional scouting accomplishments.


Kelly Wills (SL, BSL)

Scout Leader (Timber Troop) and Beaver Scout Leader (Little Foresters)

Born in 1978, Kelly was born into a family who were heavily involved in sea scouting. Her grandfather was the Skipper & Group Scout Leader of 5th Putney sea scouts where her father also attended as a boy.

Kelly attended Brownies as a child & then later on moved to Girl Guides, but later left to pursue other things.

In 2012, her daughter joined the Cub section where Kelly signed up to be an occasional helper. Little did she know that not even after six months she would be in a Leaders uniform being invested by Emma Jones ( our then Group Scout Leader ) as a Assistant Scout Leader where she worked closely along side Alan Gordon. She was then approached to take on a challenge to open a second Beaver Colony & hold an additional role as Beaver Scout Leader for the Colony which she named Little Foresters which started in February 2014.

In 2014, Alan stepped down as Scout Leader & she took on the role, where she underwent & completed all of her training which led to her receiving her Wood Badge. She now currently runs Timber troop. In December 2018 Kelly was awarded the Chief Scouts Commendation for Good Service.


Sara Appleton (ASL)

Assistant Scout Leader (Timber Troop)

I was born in 1968 and from an early age I was volunteering and fundraising. My First experiences were at Darenth Park Hospital and Milestone School where my family worked. In the school holidays I spent my time there, helping with the patients and looking after the many animals they had.

When I was eleven I went on to volunteer at Arrow Riding for the Disabled, exercising the horses, yard duties and teaching the disabled to ride.

So when in 2012 my youngest son graduated from Cubs to Scouts, Alan Gordon quickly asked me to help. Within a few weeks I was in uniform and starting to work towards my wood beads. When Alan handed over the reins of the scout section to Kelly Wills, I became her Assistant Scout Leader.


Steve Bass (ASL)

Assistant Scout Leader (Timber Troop)


Helen Richardson (SL)

Scout Leader (Wilderness Troop)

Born in 1974 and not allowed to be a Cub with her friends she refused to be a Brownie, and preferred to climb trees, fish, and play football! Joined her first Group as an Assistant Cub Leader over 11 years ago, a year after her 2 sons joined as a Cub and a Beaver, becoming first the Cub Leader and Assistant Scout Leader, running both for a while, before passing over the Cubs to be Scout Leader.

She joined Ash Green Scouts in 2014, having met Alan Gordon at KIJ in 2009 and eventually joining his group to help open the second Scout Troop, Wilderness. She believes strongly that Scouting gives young people opportunity they may not have otherwise, and is always looking for new adventures! She hasn't had a paid job in over 10 years, having given up to home educate her second son, the eldest son stayed in school, firmly believing in doing her best by each child. Her youngest is a daughter of 6, and she also has a grand-daughter of 1. She still loves football, and fishing, being outdoors if possible, making cakes and sweets, and big campfires!


Jonathan Elliott (ASL, Webmaster)

Assistant Scout Leader (Wilderness Troop) and Group Webmaster

Born in 1982, Jonathan started volunteering as an occasional helper with Ash Green Scouts Beaver Colony in 2012 when his son joined the Group. 

Since then he has been involved in many events and camps, moved on to be a Assistant Cub Scout Leader first with Jungle and then Forest Pack, completed his Leader training, awarded his Woodbadge in 2016, completed the DofE Diamond challenge in the same year and has recently moved on to be an Assistant Scout Leader with Wilderness Scout Troop.

Jonathan enjoys Hiking, Camping, Kayaking, Astronomy, Science and Technology as well as Pioneering, Bushcraft and Survival skills. He works as a senior developer at a Web Application Development company and lends his skills by maintaining the group website.


Stephanie Clarke (ASL)

Assistant Scout Leader (Wilderness Troop)

Scouting is part of Steph's DNA.

Having attended her first cub camp when still in her mother's tummy; Steph formally joined the Scout Association at the tender age of 9 becoming one of the first girl cubs at 1st Tamar Valley in Cornwall and later as a Scout and Venture Scout with 1st Stoke Climsland.

After lots of adventures with Stoke Climsland; including being invested in the middle of the night in France and winning the prestigious Coast 2 Coast scout competition, at 17 she was part of the Cornish contingent at the 20th World Scout Jamboree in Thailand - she may not have mentioned it...

After going to uni, Steph kept her hand in scouting helping with 1st Stoke Climsland cub camps, as entertainment crew at Smuggler 2008 and site security at Kernow International Jamboree 2013.

Steph joined Ash Green scouts in 2015 after Alan put out the call to arms on Facebook and the rest is history.

Being brought up in the wilds of Cornwall, Steph loves traditional scouting, building quality structures with rope and pioneering poles, backwoods cooking and basically anything involving a fire; getting some of her best pyromaniac skills from her mother - again it's genetic.


Mark Jennings (ESL, ASL, Quartermaster)

Explorer Scout Leader, Assistant Scout Leader (Timber Troop) and Group Quartermaster

Mark first joined Ash Green Scouts in 2002 as a Cub and is yet to leave, moving up to Scouts, a Young Leader whilst an Explorer at Speedwell Explorer Unit and then moving on to become a leader. 

Mark became Assistant Cub Leader, Assistant Scout Leader & Group Quartermaster in 2012 when the group was down to only three uniformed leaders, since then he has gained his Nights Away & Climbing Permits. Mark is now the Explorer Leader for our new Unit 'Excelsior Explorers', Assistant Scout Leader with 'Timber Troop' and Group Quartermaster. Mark is often heard saying "The campfire can always be bigger".


Paul Richardson (AESL, ASL)

Assistant Explorer Scout Leader and Assistant Scout Leader (Wilderness Troop)

Born in 1972 in Dartford, I didn't come up through scouting unlike most leaders I was an air cadet and then when I was a bit older I joined the territorial army and became a member of 222 field squadron part of the London 101 regiment of royal engineers explosive ordnance disposal but I had to give it up due to work and family commitments but I'm still in touch with most of them.

I finally got involved with scouting in 2009 when I became a group helper at my old group in Wilmington, then I started the same way at new ash green until finally taking on a leader role which I really enjoy I am an assistant scout leader at wilderness troop and assistant explorer scout leader at excelsior explorer unit


Louise Banks (Chairperson, Publicity)

Louise Banks, Group Chairperson and Group Executive Committee member

Born in 1975, first started helping Ash Green Scout Group in May 2014 after our son joined the Beaver group. I have taken part as a parent helper on a number of camps and provided support to Jungle pack with some of their activities and badge work.

My role in the committee is to help market and promote the group and celebrate its successes.In my day job I am full time Head of Communications working healthcare specialities. I also run a local drama group and Secretary of the New Ash Green Junior Rugby club.


Emma Way (Parent Rep)

Group Executive Committee Member and Parent Representative

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